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Staff management and engineering company of 100% are engineers, young and enthusiastic in their work, ability to collect, analyze and manipulate these experiences as well as implementing the new technology.

The engineer, bachelor of QTC although very young age but has participated in many projects in the field of the BC-VT in many provinces and cities nationwide, from management to technical work including consultancy , design, installation and maintenance works peripherals, optical transmission, switches, microwave, mobile communication, PABX systems, satellite systems, computer networks LAN / WAN. ..



Construction teams

* 2001 Workshop versatile mechanical
* 2001 Workshop production structures, materials Post
* 20 team offsite construction
* 03 team construction of transmission, switching
* 03 civil construction team
* 04 team building traffic, irrigation
* 03 maintenance team works on all mobile local construction company.

Labor, 1 year contract : 102 people

* Direct Labor:
16 people
* Indirect Labor:
86 people

Of which:

* Education Universities, Colleges 60 people
* Intermediate Level 09 people
* Direct production workers 33 people

Short-term Labor Contract

* Construction of network peripherals
300 employees
* Construction of transmission and switching 50 workers
* Civil Construction
60 workers
* Construction traffic and irrigation 100 employees
* Installation of other devices
15 workers

Construction capacity network peripherals

* 20 team offsite construction
300 * On permanent labor
* Schedule execution of the pull cable type: 60 km / day

Construction of transmission capacity - switch

* 03 teams transmission construction, conversion Machi
* Over 20 permanent workers
* Construction schedule: 03 days / station (extension); 07 days / station (new installation); 14 days / station (new installation back-transfer)

Capacity repair, maintenance subjects Telematics

* 03 maintenance team works on all mobile local construction company.
* There are teams of maintenance, maintenance of fixed play areas throughout the branch of construction company.
* The progress of construction: always meet the requirements of aesthetics and technical subjects.

Capacity building infrastructure (stations Antenna-House)

* 03-team home station antenna construction
* Over 60 permanent employees.
Construction Progress *:
- Manufacturing & erection of antenna wire columns are <= 49 meters: 15 days / column
- Manufacture & stand erect antenna column <= 49 meters: 30 day / column
- Manufacturing & antentu standing erect column <= 90 meters: 90 days / column
* Schedule for installation of BTS: 7ngay/01 station
* Schedule installation of MSC: 25 ngay/01 station

Testing Room Capabilities

* There are two teams played in testing a representative office of the company, capable of operating over wide areas of construction
* Construction schedule: always meet the technical requirements of specialized, precision and timeliness.

Production capacity columns supporting communication cables

* Production capacity of concrete columns on the column 50,000 / year
* The ability to deliver fast:
Shipment + <= 500 columns: 07 days
Shipment + <= 5000 columns: 30 days
Shipment +> 5000 column: Build own schedule, meet buyers' requirements
* Compliance with standards designed to produce estimates of the branch Post Office, has been used on the network of Post Office in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Da Nang City Post Office and other units directly under Post Office branches.
* Duration of warranty: 02 years from the date handed over for use.

Production capacity wireless phone subscribers

* Production capacity wireless phone subscribers of all kinds: over 50,000 km / year
* The ability to deliver fast:
Shipment + <= 100 km: 07 days
Shipment + <= 500 km: 30 days
Shipment +> 500 kilometers: Building own schedule, meet the requirements of buyers.
* This product is produced on modern lines, closed-quality raw materials are imported directly from a famous company in the world. This product was Managing Director of Post - Telecommunications and Information Technology (Ministry of Post, Telecommunications) certification. Product was used on the network of Post Office in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Gia Lai, Ha Tinh and other units directly under the Post Office branch.
* Duration of warranty: 01 years from the date of handing over and put to use.